Mushroom and Cheese Quesadilla

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There are some things in my kitchen that I can live without, and then there are some things that make me panic when I run out. PAM is one of these “can’t live without” products. I literally have 12 cans of different PAM sprays sitting around my kitchen. It is amazing. I can’t imagine life without it. Plus they are great when you want to add a little sheen to a photograph when you are food styling! Pretty much it’s a necessity in my life and I have small panic attacks when I run out.

PAM is probably most used in my house, and my personal chef clients house, when we make Quesadillas… and it’s because we make Quesadillas at least once a day. Snacks, breakfast, dessert Quesadillas, you name it – and we make it! Spray a little Pam on the tortilla so it doesn’t burn and stuff it with whatever you want. Cheese, mushrooms, more cheese, avocados… they are all delicious! Throw it in a pan and let the cheese melt and voila – you have a perfect snack! There isn’t really a set recipe for these delectable treats – just keep in mind that the more cheese there is… the better!


  1. These look fab, Gaby! I love mushrooms, and the addition of cheese sounds great. In quesadilla form? Bring it!

    As for PAM – I use it religously, as I bake a ton of cakes. But, like Maria, I use it to coat measuring cups too. Peanut butter, corn syrup – so much less sticky!

  2. I use it to spray my cupcake papers, for quick, easy removal.
    That photo puts me in the mood to get away from the crazy snow we had last night!

  3. I love using pam – I use it to spray pans when roasting vegetables and fry pans when sauteeing. I spray muffins pans before baking too. I also do with Kristen does and spray measuring cups/spoons when measuring something like honey.

  4. This is a product that is always in my pantry – I use it for coating measuring cups, sheet pans for roasting vegetables and on foil when I cover a casserole – that way none of the cheese sticks… and it’s really all about the cheese, right???

    BTW, just decided on lunch… a cheese and mushroom quesadilla l la Gabi!!!

  5. I like to use some Pam on my hands when kneading bread or rolling cookie balls. This way it doesn’t stick to my hands!

  6. I almost always have PAM spray, or the generic equivalent, in my pantry. I use it on my baking sheets instead of parchment paper or a silpat mat and I never have anything stick.

  7. I couldn’t live without PAM in the kitchen. I use all different kinds – original, baking, olive oil and grill spray – depending on what I’m making!

  8. I mostly use it in the kitchen, but as those who live in the city may know, Pam is also great for immobilizing those darn roaches that inevitably appear when the weather gets cold.

  9. I use it for the normal uses of cooking and baking, then have also used it like WD40 when I didn’t have any around.

  10. I use a lot of Pam. I baked a Tuxedo Cake today and used Baking Pam to spray the pans and also sprayed some regular Pam in the measuring cup before measuring corn syrup. Great stuff! Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. We use Pam for everything: grilling, to grease skillets for cooking eggs, atop bread or rolls to give them a subtle shine, spraying in measuring cups before adding sticky liquids like molasses or honey… You name it, we use it.



  12. I definitely use Pam for quesidillas and things like pancakes and eggs, but my favorite use is to spray my cookie scoop with it before using. It makes the cookie batter just plop right out 🙂

  13. I realize this isnt a cooking method BUT we spray our satellite dish with PAM in the winter so the snow doesnt stick to it and cause it to blitz out. 😀 Works like a charm

  14. I love using Pam for making panini sandwiches and sometimes I spray my hands with it when I need to roll some cookie dough by hand!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  15. I sometimes use Pam for cooking but when I lived in Residence my door was really squeaky so I decided to spray some of it on the hinges and it was fixed!

  16. Pam is my savior in the kitchen! I hate washing the dishes after cooking but Pam prevents a messy clean-up! Bravo on the Quesadilla Gab’s! They look fabulous!

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